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Time:2019-03-07 02:34:15

With the improvement of people's living standards, baking food with Korean electric baking pan has become a fashion. At the same time, the function of electric oven is more and more comprehensive. In addition to grilled pasta, it is also good to bake chicken wings and pork ribs. select. Frequent maintenance of Korean baking pans not only maintains the best taste of baked goods, but also greatly extends the life of Korean baking pans. This barbecue tray adopts composite non-stick coating, which is non-sticky and greasy. It is easy to use. It does not see oil droplets splashing during the baking process. It is evenly heated and not easy to bake. The meat is tight and not greasy. The roasted pork belly is more than normal. The hazelnuts should be baked clean, without too much oil, which can ensure the nutrients of the meat and stick to the carcinogens contained in the charcoal barbecue. It can be used to roast, maintain the nutrients inside the food, avoid food scorching, and timely replenish the moisture lost from the food. It can not only discharge the excess oil of the food itself, but also ensure that the food tastes smooth and tender, and the meat is grilled. The meat is hygienic, smoke-free and ashless. This electric baking pan is clean and stylish, and it can be grilled with no smoke and meat. When roasting beef and mutton, grilled seafood, sausages, meat, vegetables, whether it is Ding or silk can be baked, not like the traditional barbecue stove, only limited to large pieces, small pieces will be from The gap of the child fell. It uses high-grade aluminum die-casting pot, high-grade induction thermostat, five-speed temperature control, automatic temperature control, temperature 0-250 degrees Celsius can be adjusted to save you time and electricity. The product has a net weight of 2.7 kg and a gross weight of 2.9 kg.

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